Sustainable Supplier Policy

Sustainable Supplier Policy

At Spell, we understand that our environment is facing some serious challenges and we are committed to living our vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world. In order to bring this to life we have embedded sustainability into each part of our business operations, and we expect that partners across our value chain do the same.

We recognise our legal responsibilities set out in our code of conduct however we aim a little higher each day and aim to take our business partners on our journey to walk a little lighter within the fashion industry.

Providing a healthy and safe workplace is an integral part of our focus. We work towards international and national standards to address the following areas:

  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • Upholding human rights
  • Fair wages
  • Working hours
  • Health and safety
  • Collective bargaining and freedom of association

Ensuring minimal impact on our natural resources is fundamental to our industry. We are working to implement the following:

  • Animal rights
  • Chemical restrictions
  • Waste, recycling and circular practices
  • Regeneration programs
  • Energy saving

Working with Spell as a business partner comes with the expectation that each entity address each of the above and uphold the law within the appropriate jurisdiction. This is a journey of constant improvement and we believe that collectively we can make a huge impact.