Salty Luxe: Oman Travel Guide

Oman you have my heart. Off the beaten path and bursting with immense culture & natural beauty at every turn. We travelled to this Arabian treasure for the adventure, but left in awe of the beautiful country and its people. 

Picture drinking coffee under lush date palms, gaze at wild camels as they roam the desert, stroll through ancient mosques & escape the baking heat with a dip in a freshwater oasis. This is Oman.

Our incredible journey took us from the capital of Muscat, to the ancient city of Nizwa, through the Arabian sand dunes & down to the traditional Omani fishing village of Sur. The colour palette of this vast & magical land inspired this campaign & we feel immensely grateful for all the memories! We only hope we captured the spirit of Oman & you feel drawn to wander a little further & create your own adventures here.
Desert sands 
The Wahiba Sands of Oman paint the landscape terracotta as far as the eye can see. Camels roam its warm baked dunes. It feels completely wild. Escape the desert heat by staying in a canvas tent surrounded by date palms. As the sun drops, settle in for the most incredible sunset of your life. 

Arabian palaces
The centuries old cities in the mountain regions are honestly mind blowing. You can wander the pastel coloured palaces and castles, exploring within the fortress walls against the backdrop of dramatic jagged mountains. Absorbing the Arabian architecture and listening to the sounds of the mosques make this a place for anyone seeking awe inspiring travel.

Wadi oasis 
Exploring Oman you’ll encounter endless rocky desertscapes and mountains, punctuated by herds of goats and donkeys, or the occasional village. So it seemed very unexpected that we could escape the heat for a swim in the beautiful ‘Wadi Shab’, a mind blowing tropical oasis. Hidden between mountain peaks and accessed through a rocky hike you can reach perfect freshwater pools and waterfalls. Go deeper into the canyon, hopping between pristine pools and wash away the desert dust.

Artisanal Souks
Age old traditions of souk markets are still present across Oman. These are the places that  nomadic tribes would gather to trade goods.  
Wander the artisanal souks to see handmade clay pots, woven baskets & traditional carpets or grab a fresh coffee with a side of local dates. The warm and friendly Omanis will welcome you into their world and show you their trades.

Muse- @saltyluxe