@girlnaflower Travel Photo Journal

Spell Spell Spell

The start of the European summer with our very own angel @girlnaflower
Captured on film with her love Zac Miguel

Where did you travel to?
We covered a lot of ground, from Paris and the Netherlands to Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, it was quite a whirlwind!

Spell Spell

What is your styling tip for travelling très chic?
Kitten heels, and an old pair of blue jeans.

Your suitcase was filled with all Spell whites, why are these your favs?
I love the delicate lace trims and pin tucks! I also have a unhealthy obsession with vintage lingerie, so the nightie and knickers are a dream come true.

Spell Spell Spell

As you wander around what’s in your purse?
A book, film camera and probably something sweet for me to nibble on haha

Tell us about your love of shooting on film…
There’s something childlike about the way waiting (impatiently I must say) for that precious roll of film to finally be developed, and looking at those images for the first time. I know I sound ridiculous, but it’s like opening a present. You don’t know what you’re going to get, maybe it isn’t what you expected, some light has leaked in or it’s a little over-exposed. Those imperfections end up creating some of my favourite photographs.

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How do you take your coffee?
Honey and a dash of milk

Most memorable moment?
There are so many memorable moments… a particularly special time was when we had spent a few days with my best friend (of 17 years!) and her partner in his family’s humble Italian town called Nocera Inferiore. From exploring the family’s garden, picking apricots and admiring the vineyard to evenings spent drinking and laughing in hysterics over an insanely delicious, home cooked Italian meal. 

Can’t wait to return to?

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With love to @girlnaflower