When it comes to the perfect Byron Bowl, really anything goes. An aesthetically pleasing mix of your favourite veggies to fuel your work day - the more colour, the better! An easy, healthy and down-right-delicious lunch to throw together whilst working from home, to enjoy in the sunshine. Don’t forget to support local and source locally grown produce from small businesses.

Follow our Byron Bowl Recipe below {swap out or add in your favs or in season produce}

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- Mixed leaves

- Capsicum

- Snow peas

- Yellow radish

- Cherry tomatoes

- Carrot

- Avocado

- Lime (dipped in poppy seeds)

- Fetta

- Beetroot dip


     The prep:

    1. Start by preparing your vegetables, cutting them into 5cm sticks

    2. Group them evenly around the bowl creating a small divot in the middle

    3.  Fill the centre of your bowl with beetroot dip and feta - as much or as little as you please

    4. Garnish with a wedge of fresh lime and enjoy! 


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