MONSTERS by Angus Stone

Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Angus Stone “Monsters”
Directed By Taylor Steele

I love this film clip!! It’s so Narnia meets Lord of the Flies… Could you get a better combination than that?

The clip, released today, was shot right here in the dense woodlands of Byron Bay and was directed by the humble (though legendary) surf-film maker turned director, Taylor Steele. I wanted to share a few of the BTS pics from the shoot because the film clip features one of our fave Byron Bay models Teresa Oman (I say Byron, but she’s actually modelling all over the world now!!) and UK model Georgia Frost, who modelled in our Mi Casa Tu Casa lookbook.

Teresa, dressed as a little woodland fawn, wears some amazing stag antlers crafted by Byron local Terry Cronin and Georgia, dressed as a river-sprite wears our Savannah Coat, Thunderstruck necklace as a crown and our Phoenix Rising ring as a broach.

We tracked Taylor down and asked him some Q&A about the creative process of making the clip:

We adore the film clip! As director, could you tell us about the story behind the story?
The story is from a book Angus is writing about a person trapped in another world and doesn’t know how he got there. This is just a chapter in the book and we made a short film from it as well with different songs from Angus’s new album, Broken Brights.

How did you end up working with Angus – was it a Byron locals thing?
We became friends surfing and hanging out in Byron. One thing lead to another and next thing we know we have Angus jumping off waterfalls and being dragged through the forest over rocks and down hills. He’s great because he’s very involved in the details and he’s willing to do all of his own stunts to make it look as realistic as possible.

The costumes of the whimsical characters in the clip are a huge element – how were they brought to life?
My wife Sybil, who used to be a stylist, and her team Marisa Sidoti (of Mother of All Things) and MUA Becca Gilmartin helped her to bring these visions to life. Angus requested antlers and Terry from Buffalo Girl constructed the most amazing pair for Teresa Oman to wear. Henry, the old man is a good friend of Angus’s and he was very cool to work with.  We also knew we wanted a Lord of the Flies boy tribe. It was great to get all the creatives involved in Byron as everyone is really supportive of each other and loves working together.