We’ve been obsessed with the inspiring and unique floral creations of Nikau Flower Bar for as long as we can remember! So we thought it was about time we learnt some of Nikki’s top tips to creating the perfect flower arrangement. Step inside their space…

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1. Consider the vessel you use for your blooms

Depending what shape your vase is can help dictate how you arrange your blooms.

When choosing your vessel to display your blooms, it’s important to consider the proportion of your arrangement to the vessel, the colours and tones and the shape of your vessel. You wan to makes sure your vessel and arrangement complement each other harmoniously rather than compete with one another.

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2. Cut your flower stems on an angle

Instead of cutting straight across the stem, cut on a diagonal so your flowers can absorb the most water! Also make sure to keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and put them in a spot where you can see them everyday to bring you as much joy as possible!

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3. Forage

Take advantage of what Mother Nature provides us and forage locally in your own backyard!  You never know what you’ll find.


4. Group your blooms

Using simple design principles, I like to create different heights within my arrangements and group my blooms. For example, keeping all grassy textures or dried palms together.

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Bonus Tip ~ flip your roses!

If you gently pull your rose petals back this really helps to open up the rose and create unique and beautiful shapes to add to your floral arrangements!

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The most important thing to remember is to have fun with the creative process and ensure your arrangement brings you joy.

Nikki xx