We were invited by our good friends at The Farm Byron Bay to experience one of their new workshops ~ to create our own botanical skincare with the amazing Amanda of Botany of Desire. We sipped on sage infused water straight from the garden beds on the grounds. The scrub has hints of coffee, cinnamon, honey, patchouli and the most beautiful basil ~ if only you could smell your screen! You will just have to experience this botanical skincare workshop for yourself ~ click to view more workshop dates {including a special Mother’s Day workshop!}

Amanda was also kind enough to share a simple DIY for you to try at home. See all the steps below…

Spell Spell Spell Spell

Indulgent Exfoliant

Words by Amanda of Botany of Desire

A middle eastern inspired skincare ritual to remove dead cells and impurities, while nourishing dry skin, stimulating circulation and cultivates one healthy, glowing complexion.

All botanical ingredients can be sourced from most health food shops, your garden and spice rack.


– 1 teaspoon citrus fruit peel of lemon, lime or mandarin (fresh or dried)

– 3 teaspoon almond meal

– 2 teaspoon oatmeal

– ¼ teaspoon or a pinch of clove or cinnamon powder

– 2 teaspoon flower powders (either rose, lavender or lemon myrtle)

– 4 tablespoon almond oil or jojoba

– 4 drops neroli essential oil

– 4 drops sandalwood or patchouli essential oil

*To use garden herbs, pick them fresh and place in the blender or finely dice them. Then add to the recipe.

*If you can’t use oatmeal, increase the amount of almond meal.


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, mixing together to form a thick, wet paste.

Adding more Almond oil if needed for a thick, wet consistency.

If you make extra by doubling the recipe, you can pour into a sterilised jar and store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Consider warming the fresh batch of skinfood by sitting the bowl into a larger bowl of hot water. This will enhance the release of nutrients and make applying it a little more lovely.

How to adorn yourself with these plants

Enjoy a bath or shower and when your finished, don’t reach for the towel just yet, remain standing in the bath/shower and using wet fingers, begin slowly wiping the scrub over your body. Take your time here. Your applying fields of flowers, stop and smell them as they cover your skin.

Once you are wrapped in herbs and a little spice, take a few deep breaths and honour the care you’re giving your beautiful body.

To remove, simply take a dry hand towel and wipe the exfoliants off the skin in a downwards motion. This will take five minutes. This technique allows your warm body from the bath to open its pores and absorb the skin-food and hold onto the aromatic infused oil once the exfoliants have been wiped away. Wash them down the drain and step out taking note of your aromatic glow.

Or simply apply as a common scrub and wash off with warm water.

Note, shake your hand towel into the shower/bath and rinse under the water. Then wash as per usual.

Thank you to Amanda of Botany of Desire
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